"Born in 1947, Shuvaprasanna is the Founder of Arts Acre, an artists� village on the outskirts of Kolkata and an active member of 'Calcutta Painters Group'. Shuvaprasanna's forte lies in blending fantasy with neorealist techniques, thereby creating a misty dream-like imagery of narrow lanes & rooftops of Calcutta City. Besides owls and crows, Shuvaprasanna is famous for his Icon and Illusion series of Ganesha, Durga and Krishna's Ras-lila, the latter famously known as the 'Golden Flute' series with a remarkable visual intensity and a precise, finely executed style. Flowers are painted with a sophisticated idealization, character and personality of their own. These icons are modern and contemporary in their style with a universal appeal and lyrical expression, far removed from the traditional renditions of Gods popularly found in India. "