"Anjan has participated in Shows at the Birla Academy, National Exhibitions & Camlin India and is a Certificate of Merit awardee. He has chosen the tougher medium of Tempera on canvas pasted with Nepalese rice paper to give it body and the illusion of a cracked texture. Naturally ground vegetable pigments are combined with a paste from the babool tree and used as a binder. This technique results in a superb matt finish, with a phenomenal longevity. Anjan has been trained in the school of Indian miniature Painting, which is reflected in his use of flat colours & clever use of negative & positive space, vs the Western school of painting, which relies more on bringing its subjects to life through light, shade & perspective. There is a tendency to give a rich network of intricate patterns symbolizing the labyrinth of the character's thought process & inner beauty or turmoil, as the case may be. Anjan's subjects are a statement on society, reflected through facial expressions & body language of his characters. Sometimes, it is a comment on poverty or old age and at others, a satire on the wealthy. It is that particular moment which counts, in a language of its own."