"Born in 1936, Suhas Roy earned a 1st Class Diploma in painting from the Indian College of Arts & Draughtsmanship, Kolkata. He later went for higher studies in Graphic Art under S W Hayter Atelier and for murals at Ecole Des, Paris. Mr. Suhas Roy, who commands a revered place among the top artists of Bengal, passed away in the year 2016. Suhas Roy's preoccupation is primarily with the romanticized female face and form, especially Radha, the epitome of Indian beauty, inhabiting the dreamlike world between sensuality and innocence. His work is usually inspired by life around him, but his themes are as much influenced by the everyday world as they are rooted in fantasy. The vast and complex texture of life is seen as mystical and dark in his work. It is his craftsmanship and consummate skill that ensure that his richly romantic subjects veer towards melancholic grace and elegance. This graceful portrayal of his subjects has much to do with his mastery of materials; his pastels, charcoal and brush have sensitivity and refinement. "