"Born in 1933, Prokash came from an artistic background and his figurative paintings, which are influenced by the works of Picasso and the classic impressionists, sometimes radiate a calm, poetic exuberance & at other times, reflect the upheavals & turmoil of modern life. His women as well as his landscapes or seascapes, are full- bodied & luscious, with an ethereal quality, a unique style, employed with great lyricism to express the sensuous beauty of rural Bengal. His style is a rich and original aesthetic fusion from Eastern and Western art while retaining the authentic stamp of his individuality. His landscapes in particular need to be perceived more by the senses than by the spirit, comprising thick tropical forests, hills and valleys all displayed in their wide diversity. Karmakar used to hold street exhibitions as a young artist in which people started to take notice of his talent and this catapulted him to success. He formed the Society of Contemporary Artists in 1961. In 1969-70, he went to study Art in France on a Fellowship. In 1970, he received the Rabindra Bharati University Award. In 1976, the Birla Academy Award and the Abinendra Puraskar Award in 2000. On account of carving his unique niche in the art world and winning a lot of recognition and accolades, Prokash Karmakar's work is always in demand by Indian and International collectors. He passed away in the year 2014."