Delhi artist Tejinder Kanda seems to dig into his recollection of a carefree childhood spent in the open fields and clean air of lush green rural Punjab & the hills around the area as the spring for his art. The impressionist style of painting with thick impasto work led by French and European Masters beginning the 19th-century has clearly influenced the artist's work. An avid admirer of Claude Monet and John Constable amongst others in the genre; Tejinder has evolved his own distinct idiom. There is an interesting mix of abstraction and realism interspersed with landscapes that add an ethereal touch to his work. A dramatic rendering of reflections in water and the play of light and shade are other familiar elements in much of his creative imagery. Partly dreamy and partly representational, the compositions capture the artists perception of life and the world around- its landscapes, fleeting moments and happenings. The renderings are tacit imprints of personal memories desires and experiences primarily as general impressions. Clear thick visible brush strokes in bright colours set against a softer palette, are a hallmark of Tejinders large body of impressionist expressions.