An artist with a refreshing style, Sachin Jaltare breathes calmness into his subjects & enriches them with the emotion of love. His mixed media works explore the balance of form and formlessness, energy and desire, the mortal and divine. His recent paintings combine figurative and abstract elements fluidly to weave an engrossing narrative that is both authentically Indian and contemporary. Fragments and silhouettes of hauntingly beautiful men and women, representing Shiva and Parvati, are portrayed locked in a sensuous duet of lowered lids, trailing fingers and passionate half-embraces. The sylph-like women and the medieval knight-like men with blazing red tikkas on their foreheads are pictured against moody, nocturnal landscapes in charcoal, grey, black, scarlet and blue. The expressionist canvasses are further flecked with esoteric symbols drawn from the natural world and Hindu mythology, making them unique and alluring.