Tour of Verandah Art Gallery

The Verandah is a charming boutique Gallery with a personal touch, based at a private heritage home in Kolkata. A veritable treasure trove of Indian Art, it is tucked away in a cul-de-sac, where art lovers can visit by appointment and browse through an amazing repertoire of art from Bengal and other significant centers of India. Beautifully framed and elegantly displayed, the experience makes it easier to connect with the paintings and sculptures in a natural home setting, as compared to the white cube of a commercial gallery.


The endeavour of this Art hub is to source, advise, restore, trade and assist art lovers, corporates and first time buyers in buying extraordinary, hand- picked authentic Artworks. The gallery specializes in showcasing emerging and established artists from across the country, and in advising the art enthusiast on the works most conducive to their requirement, whether it is pure aesthetics, a passion for art, enhancing interiors, art for gifting or long term investment. It has built itself a loyal clientele of Indian Art Collectors from across the globe.

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