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Gary Solway is a self-taught Sydney based photographer with a passion for photographing India and its people.

His love of photography was passed down to him from his grandfather, who throughout his long life travelled Australia continually, taking photos of his journeys. Gary’s own journeys, whether they be through Australia, France, Spain or his ongoing love affair with India have led him deep into his passion for black and white photography, as he finds himself drawn to mood and composition rather than amazing colours. Through his family connections, Gary feels he has a unique insight into the daily lives of the people of India and this has broadened the depth and scope of his images.

Gary’s main works and interests are black and white urban landscapes, in particular capturing the day to day interaction of people with each other and things around them. He tries to capture moments that highlight the essence of humanity and that many often miss with their busy lives. His images beautifully capture not only people and places but the moods and emotions surrounding those moments in time. His black and white images have an elegant and pure quality whilst his works in colour are more impressionistic with the use of subtle, rustic colours to create an impression of the world instead of stark reality.

His professional experience includes producing images and articles for local Sydney magazines as well as several exclusive wedding shoots. He recently had several of his works on India exhibited in Sydney. He has also won several awards in Sydney.
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