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The Verandah Art Gallery

The Verandah is a beautiful boutique Gallery with an old world charm, located at a private heritage home in Kolkata. It is tucked away in a cul-de-sac, where art- lovers can visit by appointment and browse through the art over a cup of coffee. One discovers at the garden- facing Verandah, a wide selection of eclectic paintings and a small selection of sculptures on offer. Exploring and visualizing the artworks in a home setting, as compared to the white cube of a commercial gallery, is a rewarding experience both for the connoisseur as well as the new buyer.

The endeavour of this Art hub is to offer its expertise in advising, sourcing, restoring, trading and assisting art enthusiasts, connoisseurs and first-time buyers in acquiring good quality Art – of both aesthetic and investment value.

The gallery specialises in emerging and renowned artists of Bengal and other parts of India. A fascinating range of styles and themes is presented in canvas, watercolours and charcoals.

The Gallery offers a diverse selection of handpicked art; paintings and sculptures, for the home and the workspace. In addition, a wide variety of framed Gift art is also showcased at affordable prices.

Come visit us for a cup of coffee sometime…